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Easter egg hunt rules

  • Search the neighborhood to find all 24 houses that are participating. You are looking for houses with Easter decorations that also display a number and letter!

  • Clues to help find the houses will be shared on Facebook, Next Door and on this website.

  • When you find a house, write down the correct letter next to their number.  The letters and numbers should be visible from the sidewalk or when driving by.

  • Be sure to take a photo of your family enjoying the hunt to submit with your final answer!

  • Once you have found all of the houses, fill in the letters below to complete the phrase.  (Parents, we know you could probably solve the puzzle without finding the houses… but what’s the fun in that?)

  • Submit the form on this page to let us know you’ve completed the puzzle.

  • Prizes will be delivered to your doorstep after you have submitted your form online!

Clue - April 11

You have until tomorrow to find all of the letters hidden in our neighborhood and complete to puzzle! If you haven't started yet, there's still time.


Your clue for today should help you figure out where to spend your time searching. Each region in this photo of our neighborhood is marked with how many houses are participating. Drive or walk around the neighborhood today to find all of the letters!


Clue - April 10

  • 10 houses are participating on 100 blocks in our neighborhood

  • 7 houses can be found on 300 blocks

  • 4 houses are on on 200 blocks

  • 1 house each on a 5900 block, 6200 block and 6600 block

Clue - April 9

  • There are a lot of different kinds of residences in our neighborhood. We have single family homes, duplexes, and apartments participating in the hunt!

  • Some streets have more than 1 clue hidden on them. In fact, there are 2 on N 60th, N 69th, N 70th & N 72nd. There are 3 on N 62nd!

  • Did you know that we have "south" streets in our neighborhood too? There are 2 hidden in that corner of the neighborhood!

Clue - April 8

  • We have a pretty big neighborhood and the 24 letters are scattered all over!  

  • You are looking for houses that have a letter and number displayed along with their Easter decorations.

  • Our neighborhood runs east-west from N Hawley Rd to S 76th St and north-south from 94 to W Bluemound Rd

  • The only numbered streets that DO NOT have letters on them are 64th, 65th, 68th, 71st, 74th & 76th

  • The only named streets that DO have letters on them are Mt Vernon, Saint Paul & Stevenson

Neighborhood Map.png

​Frequently Asked Questions   (Or those we think you might have...)


Why are we doing this?

  • We know our neighborhood loves to decorate our homes for the holidays

  • We want to foster community even when we're being encouraged to stay at home

  • We think you're looking for opportunities to safely enjoy our neighborhood


Are their prizes?



What are they?

Great question.  We're kind of winging this to be honest.  But there will be prizes!


How many houses are included?

24 - and they'e scattered all over the neighborhood!


Do I have to live in Bluemound Heights to participate?

If you don't live in the neighborhood but you want to drive around and find our eggs, you can!  But you do need to live in the neighborhood to get the prizes or be included on the hunt.


Do I need to be a BHNA member to participate?

Nope.  In fact, the more the merrier!  Please help spread the word (safely!) to your neighbors who might not be on our email list or follow us on Facebook!


Any other questions?  Just let us know!

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